Our best resource is our members. Come to a meeting and meet with people who have really walked the walk. You won’t need to wear a mask and will be with people who will listen.

The national website has many resources available. These include live chats in a moderated “room”, brochures, webinars, and many other things. The website is

Recently added are a group of Facebook pages to assist you:
The Compassionate Friends offers a variety of closed Facebook Groups.
These pages are moderated by bereaved parents, siblings, or grandparents, and may not be accessed unless a request to join is approved by a moderator. These pages were established to encourage connection and sharing among parents, grandparents, and siblings grieving the death of a child, grandchild or sibling.

TCF - Loss of a Child
Moderators: Donna Goodrich, Dave Roberts, Cathy Seehuetter, and Goody Tendall

TCF - Loss to Substance Related Causes
Moderators: Barbara Allen, Mary Lemley, Diana Wittkopp and Karen Zaorski

TCF - Loss to Suicide
Moderators: Leana Leyes, Cathy Seehuetter, Donna Adams and Barbara Reboratti

TCF - Loss to Homicide
Moderators: Debbie Floyd and Kathleen Willoughby

TCF - Infant and Toddler Loss
Moderators: Susan Peavler and Tiffany Barraso

TCF ñ Loss to Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Moderators: Kelly Kittel and Kenzie Janzen

TCF - Sibling Loss to Substance Related Causes
Moderators: Andrea Keller and Barbara Allen

The Compassionate Friends Sounds of the Siblings (for bereaved siblings)
Moderators: Tracy Milne and Keith Singer

TCF - Loss of a Grandchild
Moderators: Betty Jeanne Farrel and Jennifer ìSueî Hale

TCF - Loss to a Drunk/Impaired Driver
Moderators: Robin Landry and Rebecca Perkins

TCF - Loss to Cancer
Moderators: Kari Olson and Michelle Setzer
TCF – Men in Grief
Moderators: Gary Odle and Mark Rambis

TCF – Crafty Corner
Moderators: Gail Lafferty and Kathy Rambo

TCF – Loss of Your Only Child/All Your Children
Moderators: Lisa Ridge and Vicki Woods-Ozias

TCF – Loss to Mental Illness
Moderators: Sherry Cox and Annette Swestyn
 TCF – Loss to Long-term Illness
Moderators: Pam Adams and Debbie Gossen

TCF – Loss of a Child with Special Needs
Moderators: Collen Hines and Donna Reagan
Remember that our chapter has a Facebook page. It is a closed
page, so you just need to search for The Compassionate Friends
of Livonia, Michigan and ask to join.


Our local chapter newsletter contains articles concerning various aspects of grief, as well as a listing of the children, grandchildren, and siblings from our chapter. The listing is at the discretion of the parent, grandparent or sibling. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please fill in the request form, and mail it to Rhonda Temple.

Newsletter Request Form  l  [click here]

At the meetings, you are welcome to check out a variety of books on grief from our library. We just ask that you return them when you are finished with them.